Owen Grieve is a game designer living in Tokyo, currently looking for new employment opportunities. He has previously worked at Zynga, planning weekly content updates and balancing economies for games with up to two million DAU, and as a systems test engineer outside of the games industry.

In his spare time he enjoys developing experimental game prototypes using tools like Game Maker and Unity. He occasionally writes articles and co-hosts a podcast about the design and culture of videogames at Midnight Resistance, and has given lectures on these subjects to student classes. Between all this, he sometimes finds time to play videogames under the alias ‘PurpleChair’.

His main areas of interest are economics, system design, and connections between the fantasy of play and reality of post-modern life. He believes that the ‘system literacy’ taught by games can help people to understand the socio-political systems in which their lives are situated. His favourite games involve teamwork, blue skies, and giant monsters.

His favourite drink is iced lemon tea.

Email: owengrieve@gmail.com